"Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."
Proverbs 24:14

Campaign Objectives

Campus Facilities - $20,000,000
International Education - $1,000,000
     - Equip students with the tools needed to succeed in
     this transformed world
Endowed Scholarships - $2,000,000
     - Provide financial aid support for worthy students
Library Endowment - $1,000,000
     - Implement cutting edge technology
     - Offer a full array of electronic information sources
     - Increase library holdings
One Endowed Academic Chair - $1,000,000
Faculty Development - $1,000,000

     - Enhance teaching skills
     - Initiate research projects with students
     - Participate in national conferences and workshops
     - Bring outstanding higher education speakers to campus
Annual Support - $2,000,000
     - Average $400,000 a year over five (5) years

Campaign Goal — $28,000,000

A Vision for the Future

The heritage and future of Bethany Lutheran College are firmly rooted in the Christian faith. Indeed, the future is at the heart of Bethany's tag line—"Education That Lasts Beyond A Lifetime." To educate students in the knowledge of Christ and His desire to have all join Him for eternity is the enduring purpose of Bethany Lutheran College.

The immediate future of Bethany Lutheran College is also grounded in faith. Faith that will sustain the College's mission, faith that will permeate the lives of the students, faculty, and staff of Bethany Lutheran College, and faith that will allow the College to carry out its mission.

Bethany Lutheran College is very thankful that previous capital campaigns provided the resources to lay the foundation for the College to launch its journey as a four-year baccalaureate granting institution. A well laid foundation, however, is just the first step needed to bring Bethany successfully into the competitive arena of American baccalaureate Christian higher education. Additional academic programming, student scholarships and technological support, and enhanced and renovated facilities are critical components needed for the College to step beyond the threshold. Bethany's strategic plan for the next five years focuses on moving the college beyond that threshold.