"Know also that wisdom is sweet to your soul; if you find it, there is a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."
Proverbs 24:14


I. Campus Facilities - Twenty million dollars

Bethany Lutheran College has been blessed with tremendous growth in recent years. During the five-year period between 2001-2005, enrollment at Bethany increased by 35%. (Minnesota Office of Higher Education Report, November 28, 2005) Exceptional growth places strains on available space at the College. Some departments are bursting at the seams and are using facilities that are clearly taxed for additional space. The College seeks to expand and improve its academic spaces with the assistance of the Capital Campaign. The Campaign will make the expansion of academic spaces possible. Construction will focus on a multi-disciplinary academic building and a fine arts facility.

II. International Education - One million dollars

While we look to the future, we live in the present. The world of the 21st Century insists on a global perspective. Success in the marketplace, on many occasions, depends on the ability of a workforce to interact with people from many different backgrounds. It is crucial for Bethany Lutheran College to equip students with the tools needed to succeed in this transformed world. The international movement is already taking place in the state of Minnesota.

III. Endowed Scholarships - Two million dollars

A college education is an investment. Most investments that pay strong dividends require considerable dollars up front. Certainly, investing in one's education will pay strong dividends, but Bethany does not want to position itself as a college for only those that can afford a private education. The administration of the College strives to ensure that Bethany can keep tuition affordable, reasonable, and within reach for all students who wish to study at Bethany. While buildings and other amenities are important to a college, in order to attract and retain students, Bethany must be able to offer competitive financial aid packages. Without the backing of a strong endowment for student scholarships and financial aid the College will be seriously hindered in its ability to recruit and retain students.

IV. Library Endowment – One million dollars

An enhanced Library Endowment will allow the College's Memorial Library to remain a strong academic resource center for the 21st Century. The endowment will permit the library to fully implement cutting-edge technology and offer a full array of electronic information sources and databases that are critical to the learning environment of higher education today and what will be required in the future.

V. Endowed Academic Chair – One million dollars

The College's continuing objective is to create programs that are strong and respected. This is achieved by finding Christian faculty members who, not only understand the College's unique mission, but who are also committed to bringing that mission to their classrooms. In order to ensure the future success of these programs, the College seeks to add an additional academic chair.

The College plans to establish one endowed chair that will provide the funding for a new academic position. Funding will allow the outstanding professor selected as Chair to bring speakers to campus, hold special topic seminars with their students, do research within their discipline, and enhance the knowledge they have in their chosen academic area.

VI. Faculty Development - One million dollars

Just as the College seeks students who resonate with its unique mission, it also seeks Christian instructors who are firmly committed to the College's mission. In order to attract and retain outstanding Christian faculty members, the College through the Capital Campaign proposes to strengthen its faculty endowment resources. The funds that are realized through this component of the Campaign will provide additional opportunities for faculty who:
• wish to enhance their teaching skills
• seek to initiate significant research projects with students
• desire to participate and present research projects at national conferences

VII. Annual Operational Support - Two million dollars

What is annual operational support and why is it imporant to Bethany Lutheran College? It is the recurring, unrestricted financial support during the College's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Gifts given to the annual fund benefit current students in continuing to reach their educational goals. It provides a benchmark of the involvement of our alumni with their alma mater for funding decisions made by foundations and corporations.

The College's operational budget relies heavily on unrestricted gifts to "balance the books." While the College fully understands and respects the wishes of donors to support "special projects" it cannot operate effectively without the support of unrestricted annual support gifts. During the course of the Campaign, the College hopes to grow the base of annual support it currently receives from alumni, friends, parents, and businesses. This component of the Campaign ensures the College's ability to achieve a balanced budget. Individual donors are being asked to contribute to both the annual fund and other campaign objectives to ensure the success of this endeavor.